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What we do

Multiberg specializes as a retail partner within various markets. We provide brand success through:
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Targeted Promotions

We help educate and create brand awareness. Key elements include targeted keyword advertising, review and feedback capturing systems, cross promoting similar niche products and product specific time sensitive promotions.

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Brand control

Strict adherence to pricing policies and monitoring of other distributors to ensure your standards are adhered to. Our focus is always on a mutally beneficial, long term partnership.

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CUSTOM Product content

We will work with you to ensure that your product is accurately and professionally represented. Key elements include strict photo requirements and accurate, full descriptions of product features and potential uses.

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Customer engagement

We work hard on acquiring new customer feedback and responding directly with every customer. Our increased engagement encourages repeat business and also vastly increases reviews and brand awareness.

About US

Reaching new customers and brand awareness has never been easier

Multiberg is a relatively new company. We are eager and able to deliver our full attention to a great partnership with your brand.

By focusing on a shared vision and brand awareness strategy we only create partnerships that are mutually beneficial.

We are continually working on new strategies and optimization methods for your brand. We also use many new software platforms to provide the best customer service and user engagement and are continually improving our advertising outreach and return on investment.

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